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    “Ole Johnny Fossås, PhD student in Cinema Studies at Stockholm University, is currently doing research on the 1997 Digibeta production Det är här allt börjar… / It all starts here… and the unique way the video was screened as an ‘attractional display’ to audiences in the Kiruna mine. Interest in the production as part of a larger study on films commissioned by the Scandinavian mining industry started when he found out that the video had a rich and unusual history.One of his main arguments in the research is that the video through its inventive screening setups below ground, including an underground media auditorium in a Visitor Centre, helped communicate the role of digital automation in the modern mining industry. Forthcoming as an article in the journal The Moving Image (University of Minnesota Press).”

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    All companies have something interesting to tell. But how do you penetrate the Noise? It’s all too easy to go with the usual impulses.

    Faster. Bigger and More Impressive.

    But louder doesn’t make it easier to hear you.
    Faster doesn’t mean you get there first or communicate more.
    Bigger scale doesn’t mean a greater impression. Trying to impress can have the opposite effect.

    Telling a story is about getting people to listen. Creating interplay between different media, text, sounds and images. Combining feelings and technology.
    It’s about communicating both internally and externally. Thinking large and small. Engaging.

    It’s what we have great experience of at PRODUCEDby


Images, music and sound effects are the very soul of what we do.
But the media we choose may vary.
We may want to create an exciting event.
Where film, decor and direction on stage are important pieces of the puzzle.
An interactive presentation at an exhibition or an online experience.
The whole time we try to find new ways to convey what you want to say.

It’s usually about combining different media. Not seeing activities as isolated events but looking at them from all the different angles.


The digital world creates incredible technical opportunities and we make every effort to master them all. To make the right choice, you must know all the possibilities that exist. And so we work with a large network of freelancers who are specialists in their own fields.
We choose technical solutions according to what you, as the customer, want to convey.
Do you want to convince? Do you want to create an image? Do you want to communicate facts? Do you want to create interaction and touch people?

Together we choose.


If we say communication, what do you say then?

In all likelihood, you think of external communication. But internal communication is at least as important. Those closest to you are your most important messengers. Getting your employees committed to a vision requires power. Creating commitment before a change or launch requires even more power. Creating team spirit is the foundation for success.


All due respect to major productions . We are happy to produce them. But it often starts with small efforts that are crucial for a successful outcome. It could be a creative PowerPoint presentation. Games that attract people to learning. A screensaver that really gets installed. A simple well-produced web page.

All of this is part of your everyday life, so it’s also part of ours.